Discover StellarMate with tutorials for all levels! It is recommended to follow the tutorials in order as illustrated below.


Just received StellarMate? Start here to learn basic concepts and how to get up and running.


Discover the different ways you can connect your equipment to StellraMate! USB? Serial? Bluetooth? It's all covered in this tutorial.

Learn how to utilize StellarMate Web Manager to manage your device, start and stop INDI drivers, and more.

Access your StellarMate OS with VNC. Gain full control over StellarMate from any browser or VNC client.

Learn how to select a GPS dongle and configure it to synchronize StellarMate & KStars

Want to use the latest bleeding edge releases of INDI & KStars? Step in in the insider zone!

Use external powered USB hubs to connect more devices to StellarMate.

Stellarmate offers remote troubleshooting support.

Learn how to connect via Direct Ethernet to get the fastest connection.

StellarMate offers Ekos Debugger as a tool that helps users be able to send their crash logs easily to StellarMate developers.

Connect your Bluetooth Mount easily with the Bluetooth Wizard via StellarMate Web Manager.

Learn how you can backup and restore your StellarMate.

Import mosaic settings from to StellarMate App.

Connect your WiFi Mount easily, Easy steps to explained in the tutorial video