StellarMate HotSpot disappeared, where did it go?

Usual Cause

StellarMate HotSpot is only active when StellarMate is not connected to any network.

If you connect StellarMate to your WiFi network, or if you connect StellarMate to LAN via Ethernet, then the HotSpot is deactivated. It is only reactivated again when there is no network to reach.

Other Causes

1. Failure to bootup: If the unit cannot be reached in any method (WiFi, Ethernet..etc) then connect HDMI cable + keybaord and see the output on the screen. StellarMate is quite tolerance to power off but sometimes part of the SD card gets corrupted and requires manual intervention.

After the initial bootup message, press Ctrl+D and you will drop to the terminal.
Then type in the following. Please beware that there is one space between sudoedit and /etc/default/rcS
When it asks for password, put smate and then press enter
An editor will open, press the arrow key down to go to the bottom of the editor. You will see a parameter called FSCKFIX=no change the no to a yes
After that, press Ctrl+O to save the file and then press enter.
Then press Ctrl+X to exit the editor. Finally type in sudo reboot to reboot StellarMate and press enter:
StellarMate should hopefully bootup normally next time.

2. Wrong Home WiFi password: If you entered a wrong home WiFi password, this can lead to HotSpot dropping while not being able to establish connection to the Home WiFi Network. The recommended solution is to use HDMI+Keyboard to login to StellarMate OS, and then reset the WiFi network from the StellarMate Tools App on the desktop. After restarting the unit, the HotSpot should automatically come up.

If you have trouble connecting StellarMate to your router via WiFi, please access your router and clear all cache and any entries for StellarMate.