How can I connect to StellarMate directly via Ethernet cable?

It is possible to connect to StellarMate directly without going via a router. Simply connect an ethernet cable from your PC/Mac to StellarMate. There is no need to use a crossover cable, any regular Ethernet cable would do. You can access StellarMate as you would normally do via the address http://stellarmate.local:8624

Under some circumstances, the PC/Mac cannot recognize the direct connection immediately. To force it to connect with StellarMate, find out what auto-IP address was created by StellarMate. This information can be found in StellarMate Web Manager. Use WiFi to connect to the StellarMate hotspot, and click on the information icon to display StellarMate info.

stellarmate direct ethernet

From the example screenshot above, we know the auto-IP address is Now open the terminal application in your operating system and simply type:


After which the PC/Mac should register the IP address and you can start using stellarmate.local address as usual.

A more permenant solution involves creating a static IP address on StellarMate using Network Manager.