How can I reset WiFi? How can I reset to Factory Defaults?

To reset StellarMate, use VNC or connect via HDMI and click on the StellarMate Tools icon on the desktop as illustrated below:

After clicking the icon, a small window shall popup with two buttons:

  • Network Reset: Click this button to reset WiFi settings in case you have issues accessing the unit via WiFi or HotSpot. It will restore StellarMate to HotSpot mode.
  • Factory Reset: Click this button to reset all settings, including WiFi. This action is irreversible! Please make sure to backup any important data on the SD card!

StellarMate must now be restarted for the above to take effect.

If you have trouble connecting StellarMate to your router via WiFi, please access your router and clear all cache and any entries for StellarMate.