Stellarmate offers an application that makes it simpler for StellarMate users to send debug logs to StellarMate Developers. Ekos Debugger allows users to start up KStars and/or INDI and whenever an error occurs and/or a crash happens, users are able to save the logs and attach them to a ticket.

How to use Ekos Debugger

1. VNC into your StellarMate or use any other method to view the StellarMate Desktop.

2. Double-click on the Ekos Debugger icon

ekosdebugger click

3. Select the modules that are usually crashing with your profile and then click Start.

Note: You can click on the Restart on Crash checkbox to toggle automatic reloading of KStars/INDI.

ekosdebugger kstars

4. KStars/INDI should now be open, proceed with starting your profile and using StellarMate normally.

ekosdebugger kstars open

5. When KStars/INDI crashes, click on Save Logs and choose the folder where the logs will be saved.

ekosdebugger saveprocess

6. Navigate to your Logs folder in order to retrieve your logs.

ekosdebugger logs folder

7. You can now open a new ticket or go to your existing ticket, and attach the .zip log file by clicking on Upload Files to get support.

ekosdebugger ticket



Created : 2020-07-16 07:35:39, Last Modified : 2020-07-30 09:55:38