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StellarMate X 64GB

Compact & Fast StellarMate X Astrophotography Controller:
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Sales price $299.00
Mount to USB 1.8m Cable
Android/iOS Support
StellarMate X Controller
Control Remotely from PC/Mac

StellarMate X is a compact and powerful Astrophotography Controller that supports numerous Mounts, Cameras, and other astronomical equipment. Powered by Open Source technologies and designed and built by Astrophotographer for Astrophotographers.

It provides unparalleled freedom in selecting your favorite platform to remotely control your equipment. You can use Ekos astrophotography tool on Windows, MacOS, or Linux. Furthermore, use StellarMate App on iOS and Android to automate your complete astrophotography workflow. StellarMate X is simple:

  1. Connect your equipment (Mount, Camera, DSLR, Focuser, Filter Wheel..etc) to StellarMate X via USB or WiFi.stellarmate x tablet
  2. Connect to StellarMate X from either your Mobile, Tablet, or Laptop/Desktop Computer.
  3. Start controlling your observatory and image from any major platform.

StellarMate X is quiet with no moving parts. It is four times faster than its predecessor StellarMate Plus and comes with double the storage and memory capacity enabling fast and seamless control for the most demanding and high-resolution astro cameras. It features a special VESA mount to secure it to standard dovetails and clamps.

The feature rich companion StellarMate App provides many functionalities:

Highly accurate Polar Alignment for both GOTO and non-GOTO mounts. Achieve the perfect polar alignment! 

polar alignment







What's the difference between StellarMate Plus, StellarMate X, and StellarMate Pro?


StellarMate X leverages a passive cooling technology, and has a good thermal dissipation to prevent overheating. No fan no noise, reaching a totally silent, dust free performance:

Mount Adaptermount adapter

Connect the included mount adapter (2) by securing it to the back of StellarMate X (1) with two M3 screws. The adapter provides threads that may be used to connect to external rings or dovetails using the included 4x M6 screws.

It is recommended to use Ikarus Universal Vixen/Losmandy Clamp (3) (sold separately) to attach StellarMate X to your Vixen/Losmandy dovetail (4).

Mount Connections

Depending on your mount, you may need to purchase an additional cable to connect mount to StellarMate X. Mounts that are connected over WiFi or USB usually do not require special cables.


Supported Mounts


SkyWatcher EQ6, Syntax, Orion Altas


iOptron (Gotonova controller) for older-style RJ9 handsets.  Not required for Direct USB connection to mount.


Meade (Autostar #497 controller)


Meade (Autostar II controller)


Celestron (Hand controller) for old-style RJ12 handsets. Not required for newer handsets with USB.


SkyWatcher EQ3, EQ5, EQ6 Pro, EQ8


SkyWatcher AZ-GTi


Learning StellarMate

For new users without any prior experience in astrophotography, using StellarMate effectively can take a bit of a learning curve (like everything else) especially given the breadth of the features provided. Here are some useful resources to get your started:


We are proud to offer top-notch support for our customers. Please make sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions and Knowledge Base articles. To report any issues with StellarMate or Ekos, please submit a ticket and our support team should get back to you as soon as possible. Please make sure to submit the relevant logs to aid in diagnosing and resolving the issue efficiently.

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